November 13th 2006

Conner's Hello Graphic Missile is now out. The album comes in a superb digipak sleeve and also contains an exclusive unlisted (& great) bonus track which is only available on the Broken Horse issue of the album.

Special offer £9.00 inc p/p (UK only). Buy now via Paypal.

October 25th 2006

Apologies for the lack of updates on this site of late, have been blogging a fair bit instead.

Anyway, Conner's Hello Graphic Missile is officially released in the UK on November 13th. Packaged in a great looking digipak sleeve with a special exclusive UK only bonus track (which neatly doubles up as one of the best tracks on the album).

Listen to Conner here.

Conner Hello Graphic Missile (BKH-CD 011)

Kerrang 4/5 "A sound that oozes the same laconic, subtly exotic cool that made The Strokes such an instant hit over here. A great number of brilliant songs veering from sparse new wave strutters to edgier darker material that recalls Fugazi at their most calm and elegant. "

Artrocker "They've got lots of songs, sh*tloads of songs, good un's too. Play it loud and long"

Alternative Ulster " It's a gem of an album that rewards repeated listens. Make it one of your discoveries of the year."

Unpeeled "Funky and deliberate stuff, excellent percussion and timing".

Blah Blah "If you like The Killers, Arcade Fire and Hi-Fi you will love Kansas based garage rock band Conner".

Burton Mail "Kansas combo Conner draw from East Coast influences The Strokes and Television on this refereshingly simple and uncluttered UK debut that demands little from the listener but delivers much. Well worth a spin."

Peterbrough Evening Telegraph " Kansas band do a neat update of classic rock (Stones, Iggy, Smiths). With cool guitars and vocals, they can't go wrong."

Room 11/13 " This is a band to embrace in their infancy, to befriend whilst they are still playing small venues so that come the day that everyone and their dog knows the band you can smugly gloat about how you knew the Kansas four piece before they broke out of the mid west and left Dorothy far behind."

Get Ready to " There's some great guitar work, some great songs and some great vocals, and while it may be garage rock, there's enough potential on display here, and enough variety of styles to suggest that Conner could well be the next Killers. " "Window Shopping'lashes together Northern Soul riffs and hardcore guitar pyrotechnics in outstanding fashion - the Four Tops meets Husker Dü on T-Rex's Dansette! " " Employing a guitar driven garage-rock sound, influenced by the likes of Richard Hell and The Stooges, and in more recent times the Kings Of Leon, Conner have created a collection of songs that hurtles through the three quarters of an hour the fourteen tracks to play out (one is hidden). 'Floating On An Error', one of the band's slower and more patient tracks, is an obvious highlight as it builds and crescendos into a wall of sound that crashes down as the song abruptly ends. Throughout the record the band use this technique to great effect; there's a pleasant mixture of riffs and full blooded thrashy chords, almost as if the guitars provide the tempo ahead of the drums and lead the drummer rather than the other way around. And it works too. "

About Conner

Hello Graphic Missile introduces Conner's unique brand of "Get in the Van" garage rock, taking in such diverse influences as Fugazi, 70's Stones, Richard Hell, The Smiths and Iggy Pop. A winning formula aided by a toughness & intensity to their sound that leaves many of their contemporaries looking bereft in comparison.

The band hail from the college town of Lawrence, Kansas which is also home to label mates Ghosty and the town that William S.Burroughs lived in for the last 15 years of his life. Current population is 80,098 (2000 census, thanks wikipedia.)

Conner were formed in 2001 by singer/guitarist James Duft & bass player Phil Bonahoom. After their original drummer & lead guitarist both skipped town to music college in Boston, the band’s line up was solidified by the arrival of drummer Bryce Boley and guitarist Tom Wagner in a poacher turned game keeper scenario, as Wagner had produced the band’s early demos.

Away from the scrutiny of a music scene such as New York or LA, living in the mid west allowed Conner to flourish as a live act, and to hold their own as the support act of choice when touring acts such as The Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat and even Hard Fi came to town. The culmination of this was when the band were invited to support The Killers on the mid west leg of their 2005 tour, playing up to 10,000 people a night and selling every CD & T- Shirt the band had brought with them.

Hello Graphic Missile is the band’s second full length release (following debut the White Cube which they self released in 2003). The album was recorded at guitarist Tom Wagner’s Underground Sound studios in Lawrence. A strictly analogue studio , Wagner’s tape machine is a 1200 pound monster that was used to record Jefferson Airplane’s Volunteers album back in the day.

June 19th 2006

We've started a blog for the label

Broken Horse Blog

The Idea is to keep it updated as frequently as possible with label news, thoughts and links, most of which will be not important/ relevant enough to post here on the main site. Please visit early and often.

What else? Yep, you've guessed it. Even more good reviews for Ghosty's Grow Up or Sleep In. Please visit the below links to read the reviews in full.

Americana UK 8/10

The Scotsman 4/5

June 5th 2006

Tangents on Ghosty's Grow Up or Sleep In (refering to lead track Jacqueline and beyond)

" Certainly its vaguely, naturalistically psychedelic Pop is most welcome, and fills a gap as we slowly realise that it’s been too long since the last Shins record and hmmm, will we ever get bored of the simple delight of a song that stretches its fingers along our spines, clutches our hands in delicate palms and whispers the delicious recipe of cloudless summer skies into our shell-likes? Elsewhere on the album there are fuller, more urgent tunes, and single ‘Big Surrender’ is as pleasurable a raving pop blast as you will hear this year, with fittingly huge hooks that draw you up and in to the colourful swirl of lost afternoons by the lake, beach, forest glade (insert favoured personal place of youthful delights)"


Look for the article In The Moonlight of the Shivering Bay.

May 29th 2006


Ghosty gets a good review in The Sun (!!) in their surprisingly readable Something For The Weekend section.

"An elegant tuneful debut that nests happily in the same corner of indiedom as Fruit Bats, The Shins, Phantom Buffalo and on occasion the mighty (flaming) Lips themselves. " THE SUN

"Like Pavement and The Shins...This is a stellar album, totally worth a mention with the names above." ALTERNATIVE ULSTER

"It’s not an unusual sound, but in it’s familiarity there’s a lot to get lost in, the songwriting is top notch and buried beneath the psych-pop posturing there’s a warm heart. A very high quality debut from a band worth keeping a close eye on." BOOMKAT.COM

May 25th 2006

Drowned in Sound have given Ghosty a rave 8/10 review today.

"Four years, several band members - Connor being the only one omnipresent throughout - and countless re-writes, re-recordings and studio sessions later, 'Grow Up Or Sleep In' is here in all its glory. And, as you'd expect from someone with the mindset of a perfectionist like Connor, his first opus - seven years since the conception of Ghosty, is pretty much faultless....Perhaps their most obvious modern-day compadres would be The Spinto Band, while 'World Travelers' and 'Big Surrender' both represent a swooning skewered pop sensibility not heard since 'The Sophtware Slump' first emanated from many a student's dorm back in the summer of 2000."

Follow the below link to read the review in full.

Drowned in Sound

To listen

Ghosty (my space site)

Ghosty (on broken horse- my space site)

May 24th 2006

What do you know? Gideon Coe played Ghosty's Big Surrender once again this Monday. Thanks Gideon.

We are hearing of stirrings of Ghosty-mania in Sweden but in the meantime there's another good review here

Check out a couple of tracks from a forthcoming Broken Horse release by Co-Pilgrim on my space

Finally, BH is really digging that new Camera Obscura single. Not that they need our help but you can here it here

May 15th 2006

Ghosty's Big Surrender received it's UK radio debut last week when it was played on 6 Music's Gideon Coe show on Thursday.

It happened something like this...

Gideon Coe

"...let me know what you think of this. This is new from Ghosty"

(plays big surrender..)

"What do you make of that then? Taken from the debut album by Ghosty which is released on the Broken Horse label this month and all round very good it is indeed.."

May 8th 2006

The first reviews for Ghosty's Grow Up or Sleep In have started to come in and it's looking good:

“..resembles a mix of The Shins and Pavement. Haunting, inescapably.” UNCUT 4/5

"Invigorating debut by Kansas based psych-popsters with Lips links- Andrew Connor's songs are finely wrought with bright, bouyant melodies over intricate, shifting structures that slip around like the missing link between Emmitt Rhodes and Pavement." MOJO 4/5

"Much like Pavement, only very much better as Ghosty go for sharper observations, looser tunings and odder sonic additions to build their Americana-alt-rock songs. Come to think of it, probably closer to Creeper Lagoon and Meow Meow than Pavement in that there’s strong pop melodies running through much of this set, “Big Surrender” being proof enough. The fact is that Ghosty sound like a mature, well crafted, fully grown into their skin band and their take on the American alt-rock is accessible enough to sell, poppy enough to catch on, odd enough to interest and hard enough for rock n roll. Top tunes, this one goes into the collection" UNPEELED

April 26th 2006

Ghosty's Grow Up or Sleep In is now available to buy to UK/European customers for just £10.00 inc postage.


Ghosty (my space site)

Ghosty (on broken horse- my space site)

April 24th 2006

Unfortunately, Kevin Tihista has had to cancel his UK dates due to take place this week as he was refused a new passport last week. Both Broken Horse & Kevin are very sorry about this whole situation and apologise to all planning to come along. Hopefully, Kevin will be able to sort out the situation and will be back before too long.

March 13th 2006

Apologies for the lack of updates of late. Broken Horse has been in hibernation over what seems like the coldest UK winter in years but is now fully awake and raring to go.

Anyway, the big news is that May 22nd sees the release of Broken Horse # 10 the debut album by Lawrence, KS psych-popsters Ghosty. The album was released late last year in the USA on Future Farmer records of San Francisco and will be a must for fans of the likes of The Shins, Built To Spill, AC Newman and Pavement. It also includes a guest cameo by none other than Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.

Ghosty (official website)

Ghosty (my space site)

"Broken Horse is proud to present the debut album by Lawrence, Kansas’ Ghosty. Situated slap bang in the mid west, Ghosty have been perfecting their unique brand of psychedelic pop since 1999 when mainman and songwriter Andrew Conner jumped states from his home town Sioux Falls in South Dakota to the undiscovered music capital of the USA & otherwise sleepy college town, Lawrence, KS.

Grow Up or Sleep In was recorded over a two year period as Ghosty perfected & cemented their live sound & following as finances allowed, with production assistance from Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Cursive) and Trent Bell (Flaming Lips). Fate intervened during the Bell sessions though when Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips felt the sudden urge to get into his local Oklahoma city recording studio at short notice. Unfortunately for him, Ghosty had block booked the studio to record the lion’s share of Grow Up or Sleep In. However, affter about two minutes consideration, a starstruck Ghosty soon allowed him to muscle in on their studio time for the required day. A rapid mutal appreciation soon developed and Ghosty were called upon to record A Change at Christmas (Say It Isn’t So) with Wayne, which ended up appearing on The Lips’ Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell EP. After retiring with Ghosty demos overnight as homework , the next day Wayne repaid the favour by re-working and singing on Ghosty’s Cloud Solve It (which appears as an uncredited bonus track on Grow Up or Sleep In).

Grow Up or Sleep In follows in the melodic tradition of such North American greats as The Shins, Pavement, Built To Spill and The New Pornographers yet is fused with Connor’s unique day to day lyrical examination of every day young American life.

"Big Surrender" (the first single from Grow Up) is one of those pop concoctions that is damn near perfect, with hooks as big as the open prairie skies and arrangements that build in anticipation that mirror the building restlessness of the lyric. An instant classic just like those effortless Pavement singles that Steven Malkmus & Co slipped out on a regular basis.

Tracks like "Jacqueline" and "Rooms In The Dark," are delicate, introspective songs that are filtered through folk, prog and jazz influences. "(In A Big World) Little Dreams Count" and "Clouds Solve It" are the most straightforward "pop” but even those have their own unique twists, turns and key and tempo changes that showcase an imagination that's creatively doing laps around most of its peers.

Ghosty hope to make it to the UK for their debut shows in the next few months as well as entering the studio to record album #2."

December 4th

Kevin Tihista flew back to Chicago O'Hare airport last Sunday after a succesful UK tour (well England really). The dates took in Oxford, London, Romsey, Hull, Reading, Leicester and Manchester. Songs played over the dates by Kevin included Sucker, Sweet, Jim Henson's Blues/You're Not Bad, 1500 Miles, Stoopid Boy, Real Life, Oh, Don't Breathe A Word, I Don't Blame You, Lose The Dress, Can I Count on You and a cover of New Order's Blue Monday.

Hopefully Kevin will be returning for another tour in April 2006.

Special thanks to Kevin & Tonya, Ian Baker, Christian (UK States), Mike Gale (& keyboard player Chris), Paul Jackson @ Hull Adelphi, John at South Street Reading and Gordon at the Lantern Theatre in Romsey.

Mike Gale who used to be the front man in Black Nielson (truck records) supported on the Oxford, Romsey and Hull dates and blew us away each time. His album which he's currently finising up for next year promises to be very special indeed.

Broken Horse has now joined the My Space revolution, I thought we'd be one of the first labels in the UK to get wise but how wrong I was, it seems everybody & anybody has signed up there. You can check us out at right here

Some of our My Space buddies can be found at

Kevin Tihista

Andrew Morgan

Cub Country

John Cunningham

Doleful Lions

Cam Butler

Please drop by to listen to some music and leave a message.

November 3rd

Kevin Tihista will be playing some rare UK shows this month at the below venues

Wed 16th Nov Port Mahon Pub, Oxford

support by Mike Gale (ex Black Nielsen)

Thur 17th The Windmill, Brixton, London

support by The Amazing Pilots, Jason McNiff

Fri 18th The 12 Bar Club, Denmark St, London

support by UK States

Sun 20th Lantern Theatre, Romsey, Near Southampton

support by Mike Gale (ex Black Nielsen)

Tues 22nd The Adelphi, Hull

support by Mike Gale (ex Black Nielsen)

Wed 23th South Street ( this is the name of the venue), Reading

Thur 24th Music Cafe, Leicester

Fri 25th The Britons Protection , Manchester.

support by Danny Saul

October 3rd

Cam Butler Go Slow

Today sees the debut UK release by Cam Butler of Silver Ray. "Go Slow" is the phenomenal follow up to 2003's Australian only "Crazy Dreams". The album was made possible with the help of a Victoria Arts grant which allowed Cam to realise the sounds in his head by being able to afford to hire a 20 piece string orchestra to record the string parts he had written one Sunday afternoon in March 2004. Enlisting the talents of Silver Ray’s drummer Brett Poliness, " Go Slow " was basically recorded live with only the strings overdubbed at the final stage of recording.

‘The main drum and guitar tracks were recorded on a 1/2" 8 track machine in an old house that Brett was living in. There's a bit of car noise and trams going by. As it turned out we recorded pretty loud - luckily the lady next door was prone to enjoying a drink so we weren't hassled. I wanted to use as much in the way of natural reverbs as possible – so the drums were recorded in a long corridor etc. I've done heaps of string sessions where you overdub and try to get 5 people to sound like 25. I have always had a great love of strings and their beautiful, dramatic sound and have wanted to get a decent sized section together for ages.’

Whilst most of Silver Ray’s tracks hover around the ten minute mark, the tracks on Go Slow are shorter and tighter in terms of arrangement with the music finding much more of a groove such as on the title track and Brothers & Sisters. Nonetheless, epic is probably still going to be the adjective of choice when describing the music on Go Slow. Cam describes the different writing processes thus,

‘In Silver Ray I write most of the stuff first and then give it to the band and then we proceed to completely change it from how it was. My "solo" material uses pieces that wouldn't work in the Ray world, perhaps more guitar-based or more spooky things. Most of these pieces still need to be played live to see how they will work.’

Go Slow contains five Butler originals alongside the re-working of the traditional sea shanty Shenandoah.

To listen to each track just left click on the song title.

To download please right click as save target as (song title).

Brothers and Sisters

Go Slow (excerpt)

Today,Troubles Seem Far Away (excerpt)

Broken City (excerpt)

Shenandoah (excerpt)

So Long Friend (excerpt)

August 10th


Kevin Tihista's Home Demons Vol I was officially released on August 8th.

Piccadilly Records in Manchester have made the album their album of the week. You can visit them right here

Americana UK have given Home Demons a rave review

"An embarrassment of riches from the vaults of this mystifyingly underrated songwriter...The results, even without the studio polish, are staggering. "

Our sentiments exactly. You can read the full review here

The last email we received from the demon king himself (KT) went thus

"I was digging thru a stack of mystery CDs the day before yesterday and found a CD with 33 songs I had recorded that I completely forgot about. Man was I happy. I had written "DON'T LOSE !" right on the thing but of course I did."

So look out for future volumes of the HD series...

Just found another Andrew Morgan feature here

July 19th

50,000,000 Kevin Tihista fans can't be wrong.......

Kevin Tihista Home Demons Vol I

Listen/Download: I Don't Blame You

“…these melody-rich cuts capture his soft-pop fragility perfectly, somewhere between McCartney, The Lilac Time and John Sebastien.” UNCUT 4/5

“Delicious pop etchings….shows a man in sparkling form. Bring on the second volume.” Q

“…filled to the brim with great songs brilliantly showcasing Tihista’s engaging vocals, which fall somewhere in the middle of the post-Beatles John Lennon and early Paul Simon….a great piece of fun.” WORD

"Fortunately it's a case of quality & quantity, his soft voice, cheap keyboards and fuzzy guitar, wrapping themselves together into a smorgasboard of woozy love songs...Tihista is carving a legend all of his own" MAVERICK 4/5

"It's Tihista's best album since his 2001 debut Don't Breathe A Word, and it doubles as a kind of mission statement. On songs like the silly AM homage "This Should Be A Duet (Really)," the sprawling and Who-skewering "Jim Henson's Blues/You're Not Bad," and the faithful cover of Dave Mason's "We Just Disagree," Tihista claims the whole of '70s radio as his source and comfort. "

Cub Country Stay Poor, Stay Happy

"Sounds like the urban descendent of of a whistling brakeman or the country bedsit cousin of Paul Westerberg" UNCUT

"A formidable slice of urban Americana ..Since Wilco have moved on , it seems there are plenty of bidders for their throne of indie tinged country. Cub Country are definitely one of the more promising hopefuls" MAVERICK 4/5

July 4th

Although not officially released until August 8th. Kevin Tihista's Home Demons Vol 1 is now available directly from this site (with immediate despatch) for just £10 inc postage.

photo by Jim Newberry.

The UK issue of Home Demons has 21 tracks as opposed to the 15 track issue that the "Wimps" at Parasol (Kevin's words not ours) have released.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Can I Count On You
I Don’t Blame You
Wake Up Captain
Stratford Upon Avon
I Love You
The Long Way Home
We Just Disagree
The Greatest Thing
This Should Be A Duet (Really)
Lovely One
15 Hundred Miles
Is That All There Is?
Keep My Cool
Jim Henson’s Blues/You’re Not Bad
Dracula II

There's also a bonus hidden track to be found somewhere....

June 30th

Cub Country's Stay Poor, Stay Happy is now officially out. The album will be available in all good record stores as well as the usual internet outlets such as Amazon, HMV, etc.

"Chatelain has studied his Parsons and Stones and Dylan and thankfully avoided the note-for-note perfection of today's most popular derivative artists. chatelain and the boys play with a delightful fallibility that harkens back to the days when Uncle Tupelo was just three guys writing the only music they knew how to write. it basks in beefy guitars, blue collar harmonies and happy hour twang. "

Rough Trade Shop (London)

"The album moves effortlessly from simple acoustic arrangements ('Leaving the Bar' & 'The Sun') to full rock band blowouts ('Missed the Train'). And any artist that employs the wonderfully monikered 'Spanky Van Dyke' just has to be checked out" Americana UK

"Straight out of UTAH-STATE, U-U-U-UTAH STATE (Salt Lake City to be exact), Jeremy Chatelain is the latest in a long-line of singer songwriters to take on the mantle of Americana. Released through Manchester's Broken Horse label, 'Stay Poor, Stay Happy' is liberally coated in the fingerprints of artists such as Wilco, Ryan Adams and (to an extent) Johnny Cash, with Chatelian assuming an after-hours confessional tone that is equally inviting and intimate. With lyrics that sound as though they should be lamenting lost loves (even if they're not), Cub Country is simultaneously uplifting and melancholic in the great tradition of such records. So whilst 'Be Your Own Hitman' is a slow build acoustic rollercoaster and 'If We Should Fall' takes a leaf out of Smog's well thumbed book, it is Chatelain's electronic injection on 'The West' which shines brightest."

June 12th

You can now by Cub Country's Stay Poor, Stay Happy direct from this site (with immediate despatch).

May 20th

Cub Country's Stay Poor, Stay Happy will be released in the UK via our new distributor SRD on June 27th. We will have copies available for immediate sale from this site in the next few days.


Missed The Train (mp3)

Kevin Tihista's Home Demons Vol 1 will follow on July 18th. Look out for a review of Home Demons in the next issue of Comes With A Smile which should be out in the next couple of weeks.

Also this year Broken Horse will bring you

Cam Butler (Of Silver Ray) Go Slow CD

Doleful Lions Shaded Lodge & Mausoleum CD

plus more to be confirmed.....

March 20th

With the the US release of Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology just a couple of weeks away, you can read a great piece about Andrew courtesy of Chicago's essential Reader newspaper here.

Delusions of Adequacy have also given MIR a superb review right here.

March 8th

Sorry to go on about it by Silver Ray's Humans has picked up another great review

" ...crossbreeding Ennio Morricone, Spiritualized, Rachel's and early Mogwai. Just who the hell can stop them now" Comes With A Smile.

Andrew Morgan has began pre-production on his forthcoming 2nd album "A Unified Theory of Everything" The songs are already in the bag and Andrew promises it will be "a wall to wall 40 minute pop record."

Doleful Lions have finally delivered the final mastered version of their forthcoming "Shaded Lodge & Mausoleum" record to Broken Horse HQ. "Shaded Lodge" is further proof of Jonathan Scott's songwriting genius. In particular, the penultimate track on the record "Slip Inside This Gateway" has to be heard to believed. Watch out Mr Dylan.

Feb 20th

Tasty fanzine are just the latest in a long line of fans of Silver Ray's Humans. You can read their review here.

Sonic Boom recordings are gearing up for the early April US release of Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology. Check out the AM page right here.

Andrew's US publicists have also set up a page for him too: Andrew Morgan Bio

January 6th

Happy New Year from Broken Horse.

Our next two releases will be by Cub Country & Kevin Tihista.

Cub Country's "Stay Poor/Stay Happy" is the band's second album. Their debut High Uinta High (Jade Tree) was one of Broken Horse's favourite albums of 2002. For those of you that don't know, Cub Country is the solo/band project of Jets To Brazil's Jeremy Chatelain. Read more about the Cubs here.

"Home Demons Vol 1" is a monster 21 track compilation of Kevin Tihista's unreleased home demos plus a few proper studio tracks. Most collections like this are usually marketed for the fans only. "Home Demons" is up there with all of Kevin's three excellent albums..really it's that good.

Andrew Morgan has made No.29 in Americana UK's end of year writers poll.

Americana UK Top Albums of 2004

You can read a new interview (with some cool photos) with the great man right here.

Silver Ray's Humans continues to pick up applause:

" A stately tour de force...Humans shimmers with the romantic playfulness that lit up Jim O'Rourke's Bad Timing." MOJO

"(Humans) is breathtaking, loaded with so much melody and emotion it is an exhausting, though ultimately rewarding listen. Essential." Stranger Magazine

December 14th

Press so far for Silver Ray's Humans

"Humans deserves a place alongside the best of Godspeed, Explosions In The Sky and their most obvious peers, The Dirty Three." (Uncut)

"Silver Ray are as deliciously exciting as a spin across a crowded dancefloor.A triumph of imagination without pretension." (The Guardian)

"They do the quite to loud thing but they do it with subtlety, and they take just as much care with the loud to quiet bits. Should you ever need your spirits lifted late at night, this should do nicely." (The Sunday Times)

"Punctuated by a blend of the powerful, the majestic and the unexpected gem "(City Life)

"Recorded live in studio, it uses guitar, drums and piano to create a series of sweeping symphonies that can't fail to lift the spirits.. One for the adventurous." (Entertainment Ireland)

"Humans sits squarely in the post rock bracket but witha unique approach to music making that sets it apart from Mogwai, Godspeed, Explosions and the rest "(The Independent)

"Listening To Silver Ray's music is an emotive, almost transcendental experience." (Metro)

"The whole collection is fantastically balanced and incredibly drenched in mellow hooks. The sheer orchestrated size of each track, throw up inevitable comparisons (Tortoise / God Speed / Mogwai etc)but Silver Ray possess a unique and rather special sound. Incredible stuff." (Manchester Music)

Americana UK have fallen for Matt Suggs' Amigo Row.

"Suggs’ voice is the real trump card here, his throaty vocals effortlessly wrap themselves around each song like cellophane on a pack of cigarettes. Fans of Springsteen’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town” won’t be disappointed with “Amigo Row” as the have a similar piano lead, classic rock sound. In short, a mighty fine effort from all concerned." Click on the below link to take you to the review.

Americana UK

December 6th

Silver Ray's latest album "Humans" is now out. Following their successful UK tour supporting Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Humans has been picking up praise left,right and centre from the likes of Uncut, The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Rocksound. More details to follow soon.

November 9th

Silver Ray have been wowing audiences in Glasgow, Wolverhampton and Manchester with their incredible live show in the superb company of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. London now awaits the mighty Ray.

Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology made the # 49 spot in Uncut's end of year list of the top 70 albums of 2004.

You can read a brand new interview with Andrew at the Americana UK website here

Matt Suggs' Amigo Row has received another great review from Tasty Fanzine here

As well as praising Amigo Row, Broken Horse itself comes in for some high praise

"Broken Horse has proved with only a hand full of releases that they are one of the brightest independent labels currently staking their claim for the rights of our stereos. With the release of Matt Suggs second album ‘Amigo Row’ they show no sign in allowing this reputation to slip."

November 3rd



Nov. 5th & 6th Glasgow Academy with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Nov. 7th Wolverhampton with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Nov. 8th Manchester with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Nov. 10th/11th/12th LondonBrixton Academy with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Nov. 14th London Spitz + New Buffalo & Curtis Eller (USA)

Nov. 15th Nottingham Junction 7 with The Scientists

Nov. 16th Manchester Star & Garter with The Devastations

Nov 17th Cardiff Journeys (Newport Rd)

Nov 20th London The Water Rats, Kings Cross.

Nov. 24th Berlin Schokoladen

Nov. 25th Berlin Mudd Club

Nov. 26th Berlin Kingkongklub

Nov. 28th Dresden Star Club with The Devastations

Nov. 29th Berlin Eschschloraque

Nov. 30th Hamburg Weltbuehne with The Devastations

September 29th

In possibly the most exciting news of Broken Horse's two year history, Silver Ray have been confirmed as the suport act on the forthcoming Nick Cave UK tour this November. Mick Harvey has personally invited the band on board & they will follow these shows with dates of their own.

The new Silver Ray album Humans will be released on December 6th but will available at all of the band's shows.


Glasgow Academy Fri 5th Nov/Sat 6th Nov

Wolverhampton Civic Hall Sun 7th Nov

Manchester Apollo Mon 8th Nov

London,Brixton Academy, Wed 10th Nov/Thurs 11th Nov/ Fri 12th Nov

Silver Ray (headlining dates) TBC 14th Nov-22nd Nov

September 20th

You can now buy Matt Suggs' Amigo Row through this site. Just head over to the releases page or click below.

The new Doleful Lions album "Shaded Lodge and Mausoleum" arrived at Broken Horse HQ this morning. After just three listens, it's sounding pretty damn great.

The next issue of Comes With A Smile features a new exclusive Andrew Morgan track on the CD.As well as Andrew, the CD contains tracks by the one & only Kevin Tihista plus Unbunny, Mark Eitzel, Giant Sand,The Decemberists, Jim White & many more. As always, an essential purchase.Click here for more detailed info & a peek at the artwork.

September 13th

Matt Suggs' Amigo Row has been awarded 4/5 in the latest issue of Uncut. Rob Hughes, writing in his Americana section says "Suggs' slightly distracted vocals give it a homemade quality that pushes Amigo Row into Hayden territory rather than straight-ahead rock. When alone at the piano (as on spongy opener "Father"), he's often sublime, while "New Year" and "Calm Down" suggest the protracted healing of a shattered heart."

Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology has received another rave review in Tasty Fanzine (great UK based music website)

"Dark, discordant but filled with love this is a bold statement of arrival from Morgan and an album that can quieten and mystify. If anyone can fill the gap Elliot Smith has left for many music fans, it’s Morgan"

To read the full review click here

August 29th

Matt Suggs' Amigo Row will be officially released in the UK on September 29th. It will be available directly from this site in the next couple of weeks.

August 13th

Americana UK have given Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology a rave review

"Advice to fans of bands like Lambchop or Tindersticks as well as more recent acts such as Sufjan Stevens, Rufus Wainwright or Kevin Tihista: Stop reading. Start buying." You can read the full review
July 13th

Andrew Morgan has been taken on by the Coda booking agency.
Coda is one of the UK's leading booking agents (representing Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens,Decemberists, Pernice Brothers, Scissor Sisters, Lambchop, Yo La Tengo etc etc). They are currently working on arranging a (support) tour for Andrew this Autumn. More news as we have it. STOP PRESS:

Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology will also be released sometime in the near future on Australian label Peeping Tom records. Responsible for releasing the first Walkmen album as well as the most recent Damien Jurado full length, Peeping Tom undoubtedly is a label with it's eye on the ball.

Peeping Tom

June 25th

According to head lion Jonathan Scott, the Doleful Lions are 80% finished with their new album "Shaded Lodge and Mausoleum". Jonathan says it's the best thing they've ever done. If you were smart enough to pick up Out Like A Lamb, this news should really excite you. Jonathan has given us his latest playilist which you can view on the playlist page of this site.

More Andrew Morgan & Silver Ray news next week, including some very exciting developments in both camps. The Go-Betweens in London awaits Broken Horse this weekend.

June 14th

Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology is officially released today in the UK via Cargo distribution. You should be able to find the album in all good independent stores as well as HMV and and

As you can see Misadventures in Radiology is quickly acquiring praise from left, right and center. Here are just some of the reviews that MIR has already picked up.

" A sprawling string drenched fanatasia, that at it's most cogent recalls Elliot Smiths more baroque moments and US indie darlings Built To Spill" The Observer

"A dark and seaching string-laden labour of love" NME

"A String drenched epic heavy on cello, harmonium and piano with more than a smattering of Brian Wilson-inspired timpani. " Q Magazine

" a warm, dreamy journey awash with strings, piano and more offbeat instrumentation. Lovingly put together by Morgan it's fond undulating tunes will haunt you after a few listens." The Independent

"Andrew Morgan is a virtuoso tunesmith resolute in his task of splitting the pop atom" Logo

" the kind of album you can hear in a record shop and love it immediately/have to have it. But more importantly, its an album that you'll will come to love even more as you continue to discover something new with each listen. " Comes With A Smile

"Joining Magnetic Fields & Ben Kweller as the year's richest singer/songwriter album, for a set of songs that was recorded for about 5 dollars, it's as lush and grand as Trevor Horn era ABC. With the quirky world view of an Adam Green, Morgan is a hybrid of many fine talents. There are signs here, he may one day outshine all of them " Channel 4 (Teletext)

May 19th

We can now confirm the next Broken Horse release Matt Suggs "Amigo Row" will be out in late Summer. We have licensed the album from the world beating Merge Records ( domestic home to M.Ward, Lambchop, Superchunk, Neutral Milk Hotel, Essex Green etc). You can read more about Matt Suggs and Amigo Row here

Andrew Morgan has shaved his moustache off. He's about to move back to Chicago for a while and felt "it was time to hang it up for a few months".

More importantly, Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology is now available to buy with immediate dispatch. The Broken Horse issue features expanded artwork & the full lyrics to the album. You can order it by Paypal here.

May 6th

Andrew Morgan is subject to an esteemed Almost Famous photo/interview piece in the new (June) issue of Uncut. They describe "Misadventures in Radiology" as "an insanely enterprising flight of orchestral fancy". Look out for a full review in next month's issue. Right on!

"Losing Myself Too" from the classic John Cunningham album "Happy-Go-Unlucky" is appearing in the trailer for the latest Miramax blockbuster "Shall We Dance". The film stars (get this) Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon. The film will be released in the USA in August 2004.

We should have more news about the new Silver Ray album entitled "Humans" very soon. The epic task of arranging their European tour for Autumn 2004 has already begun.

You can also read a recent interview with Cam Butler just here.

April 27th

Andrew Morgan's Top 5 UK mini tour moments

1. Meeting Badly Drawn Boy at the Corner House in Manchester. Perhaps more charming and sweet than even the songs on his own tour de force,'The Hour of the Bewilderbeast'

2. Being harassed by no other than Liam "mad fer it" Gallagher at a John Squire concert at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London. Couldn't understand a goddamn word he said.

3. Barely surviving a downright industrial chicken vindaloo curry from a Chorlton kebab shop. Beware to all those meek in matters of spice.

4. Being asked "would you say you have a British sensibility?" by Uncut magazine, then responding with "totally!" in true knuckleheaded American form.

5. Not getting mugged by dubious ruffians en route to Brixton's The Windmill, then discovering a dog on the roof upon finally arriving, beleagured and bullied.

April 16th

The new issue of Comes With A Smile is in all but name a broken horse special. It contains extremely positive reviews of the Andrew Morgan, John Cunningham and Silver Ray albums.

John Cunningham Happy Go-Unlucky " Marvel at the sheer melodic genius..This is beautiful, spirited,lovely and utterly delightful stuff. " (John Stacey)

Andrew Morgan Misadventures in Radiology " the kind of album you can hear in a record shop and love it immediately/have to have it. But more importantly, its an album that you'll will come to love even more as you continue to discover something new with each listen. " (Tracy Lee Jackson)

Silver Ray New Love " New Love is a wide-eyed neo-baroque wonder..future greatness is easily within the threesome's grasp. The post rock devolution starts here..look out Chicago." (Adrian Pannett)

Andrew Morgan played his debut shows as a UK recording artist in late March/early April with shows in Manchester and London. Andrew was joined at two of the London shows by the super talented Clint Morris who accompanied him on piano and accordian. Those lucky enough to catch him would have heard a combination of Misadventures tracks and a whole bunch of new songs including Damned Curiosity, Villainess, Five Paintings,Turn Your Collar to the Cold Air, Unified Theory of Everything and Biology Maligned. Album #2 is going to be very special indeed. He also covered The Smiths' "A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours" on piano. During his brief trip, Andrew managed to have a minor run in with Liam Gallagher, have a couple of pints with Badly Drawn Boy and hang out in the Rough Trade shop in Notting Hill.

March 23rd

Andrew Morgan LIVE

Tues 30th March

The Britons Protection, Manchester (headling) w/John Stammers (support) £4 on the door

Wed 31st March

Barracuda, Stoke Newington, London w/Clayhill

tickets are very limited – they’re available only from the following link: here

Thurs 1st April

Barracuda, Stoke Newington, London (headlining) with support from UK States

This is a guest list/invite only show due to licensing restrictions but please email us if you want to come down. Will need names in advance. You can email broken horse here

Sun 4th April

The Windmill, Brixton, London (supporting act) plus UK States and another act (TBC)

March 17th

Silver Ray have recorded album #3 (title to be confirmed) in four hours flat last week. They're hoping to mix the album in the next few weeks.

Another glowing review of "New Love" has appeared at the excellent Americana UK website.

Andrew Morgan is heading to the UK for shows/interviews and hanging out in late March.

He will headline at:

The Britons Protection, Great Bridgewater St, Manchester (near the Bridgewater Hall/GMEX) on Tuesday March 30th.

Andrew will also play supporting Clayhill (Eat Sleep records) at

Barracuda,Stoke Newington, London, Wed 31st March

(host to gigs from the likes of Kathryn Williams, Roddy Frame and Edwyn Collins amongst others..)

Tickets are very limited -they’re available only by clicking here

Hope to confirm more London shows that week soon.

March 8th

Just received an email from Cam Butler of Silver Ray. The band are about to record album #3 in one take, tonight (that's the plan anyway) and on Sunday, Cam will go into the studio with a 20 piece string section plus orchestral percussion to record the follow up to his first solo album "Crazy Dreams". This is made possible by a Victoria state government arts grant, way to go! More news as we have it.

March 4th

It's looking very likely that Andrew Morgan will spend "Spring Break" in the UK around the time of late March/April to meet both the press and his public and hopefully play a show or two. More news as we have it. In the aftermath of Paul Lester's Music Week piece, one of the UK's leading press companies has volunteered to go into to bat for "Misadventures in Radiology".

Feb 18th

Paul Lester (deputy editor of uncut) has named Andrew Morgan's Misadventures in Radiology as his favourite upcoming release in the Tipsters section of this week's Music Week.

"Apparently this was recorded in Elliott Smith's studio for free before he died. Its the debut album from Morgan who comes from Kansas and its great. It's baroque pop , loads of strings with a real dramatic and lush sweep to the music. I Love It. It reminds me a little of an artist called Plush who had an album out a few years back It's lo-fi symphonic pop that should do well when it comes out in May. It really is quite intense and overwhelming in its beauty. "

Feb 11th

Silver Ray's New Love has earned a 4/5 review in Uncut.

"Rivitingly woven.. Tortoise/Godspeed freaks should go a bundle." Rob Hughes (Uncut)

Kansas wonderkid and Havard post-grad student Andrew Morgan has sent us his top 10 for 2

January 27th

We are very excited to announce the next confirmed release on Broken Horse. "Misadventures in Radiology" is the debut album from Lawrence, KS singer/songwriter Andrew Morgan. Five years in plannning and two years recording. The album's basic tracks were recorded by invitation at Elliott Smith's New Monkey studio in L.A. Orchestral overdubs were then pieced together meticulously by Andrew with help from Kansas University symphony members in Lawrence, KS. The result of all this hard work is one of the most ambitious and accomplished debut albums of recent years. Favourable comparisons have already been made with Built To Spill, Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes. Whether Andrew Morgan is set to become one of the musical world's most promising talents over the next few years is frankly, not up for disccusion.

Andrew Morgan

Misadventures in Radiology (to be released Spring/Summer 2004)


Misadventures in Radiology

Supine on the Covers

Further Reading:

Andrew Morgan (official website)

Reviews for Silver Ray's New Love:

"Silver Ray sound defiantly alone and confident in their own musical corner.Impeccably arranged timed and controlled." The Wire

"Labelling something ‘deeply textured and atmospheric’ may be a cliché, but nothing you’ll find here can be found anywhere else."
Logo Magazine Feb 2004

January 15th

John Cunningham's Happy-Go-Unlucky was voted No.2 album of the year in the Cherry Bombs (Liquid London) radio show end of year chart. JC was placed ahead of such folk as Belle & Sebastian, Fountains of Wayne, The Pernice Brothers, Grandaddy and The Thrills. You can see their top 20

December 31st

Thanks to every one who has supported Broken Horse throughout 2003. You can see our list of favourite records of the year here.

January 2004 will see the official release of Silver Ray's New Love. Also look out for a series of compilation 7" EPs entitled "Cursed With Opportunity". Vol 1 will most likely feature tracks by John Cunningham, Doleful Lions and Cam Butler. We also have a couple of more albums already in the pipeline which we're very excited about. Can't tell you much about them yet but if it all comes together 2004 should be a very exciting year for Broken Horse.

December 2nd

Silver Ray's New Love is now available directly from Broken Horse. The album will be officially released on January 12th 2004 via Cargo distribution but you can order it from us now for immediate delivery from here: Broken Horse store

Parasol mail order seem to have John Cunningham's previous album Homeless House back in stock. Its been very hard to find for some time now so if you want one, visit Parasol as soon as you can.

November 10th

Another great review of Happy-Go-Unlucky has appeared here: Americana UK

November 3rd

Pop Arts vs Industry with Broken Horse present

John Cunningham plus RAM

Fri 21st November (Acoustic Show) The Britons Protection, Great Bridgewater St, Manchester (by the Bridgewater Hall) 8pm £5 Adv subject to booking fee from piccadilly box office .

Also available from Polar Bear (Deansgate), Pop Art Records (Withington) from Nov 7th.

The Britons Protection is without doubt one of the finest pubs in Manchester. Ian Curtis used to drink there and its been the occasional host to some very memorable gigs over the years including Smog w/Badly Drawn Boy, Damon and Naomi, Songs Ohia, The Mountain Goats, Labradford and Richard Davies.

John Cunningham (Full Band Show) supporting BRETT SMILEY

Mon 24th November The 12 Bar Club, Denmark Place, London . JC will be onstage at 9.30pm

Phone 020 7916 6989 22-23 Denmark Place, London WC2H 8NL
( nearest tube Tottenham Court Road)

October 21st

John Cunningham played a great show at The Arts Cafe last Wednesday. On stage highlights were sublime versions of Invisible Lives and Can't Get Used To This. Offstage highlight was JC drummer Paul's Chris Eubank impression in a curry house on Brick Lane. Many thanks to Steven from Track & Field for putting on the show.

Look out for a show at London's legendary 12 Bar Club sometime in late Nov/early Dec and a very special Manchester show around the sime time (Both TBC).

Silver Ray's New Love CD (BKH-003) has now been sent off for manufacture and should be available from us in mid November with the official release date set for 12th Jan 2004.

October 5th

Happy Go-Unlucky receives a 4/5 review in the new issue of Uncut.

" Set atop woodwinds, gently dipping pianos and reedy guitars, JC's voice owes as much to McCartney as contemporaries Kevin Tihista and Richard Davies, with arrangements worthy of Curt Boettcher. A latterday chaser to Emitt Rhodes' eponymous 1970 debut." Rob Hughes, UNCUT

"resonates with an element of timelessness and could really have been recorded any time since the mid-60s. ..lovelorn, organic and rather reminiscent of The Beatles in fact. His craftsmanship borders on the immaculate.. " Ben Hopkins, LOGO

Also, Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub has told us that he thinks Happy Go-Unlucky is "fabulous".

September 15th

Happy Go-Unlucky is now out. You can purchase it directly from us my visiting our releases page & clicking on the paypal link there.

September 3rd

John Cunningham's Happy Go-Unlucky has just received an 8/10 review in this week's NME.

"Cunningham specialises in the sort of tiny,achingly wonderful moments-the soft piano flutter that that lifts the gospel tinged "Invisble Lies", or the cello's taut pulse unders the neo-psychedelic folk of "It Isn't Easy" that will have you returning repeatedly to each song".

Rob Fitzpatrick, NME.

Hope to confirm in the next few days that John Cunningham will be playing a full band show at The Arts Cafe, London, EC1 on Wed October 15th. Full details to follow.

August 18th

Just got this info from Dave Morrison of Gilded Palace of Sin promotions who are promoting the M.Ward/John Cunningham show

M.Ward/John Cunningham

The Prince Albert, 48, Trafalger Street, Brighton
Friday 12th September
Tickets are £7.00 + bf, ONLY available from Rounder Records, 19, Brighton Square - (01273) 325440. They are limited to 80 (and already flying out.)

August 17th

John Cunningham will be supporting M.Ward (Matador records) in Brighton on Friday 12th September. Although John has started to rehearse his full band for a forthcoming French tour, this show will be solo acoustic. Venue/Ticket details to follow.

July 19th

Due to some manufacturing problems John Cunningham's Happy Go-Unlucky will now be released in the UK on September 15th. John should be playing live around that time including a date at New York's legendary CMJ showcase festival and later in October at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. More details as soon as we have them.

We've added MP3s for all Broken Horse releases on the releases page. You can also buy the Doleful Lions album there simply by paying via the paypal button.

June 22nd 2003

No.1 John Cunningham fan Joe Pernice has been singing the praises of John via the Pernice Brothers forum. You can read his post here: pernice brothers forum

We are expecting to receive finished copies of the album this week (fingers crossed) and the release date will be August 18th although you will be able to buy & receive the album online before then

Finally, We've added a releases/discography page to the site which you can find by clicking here

May 21st 2003

We can now finally confirm that our second release will be an album from the UK's John Cunningham called Happy Go-Unlucky. The album was originally released in the U.S on Parasol in October 2002. Happy Go-Unlucky is John's fifth album and his will be his 1st UK release in nine years. The Broken Horse issue will contain exclusive sleeve notes by Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers who is a massive fan of John's. He made John's previous album "Homeless House" (released only in France) his album of the year in 1998, 1999 and 2000!! Happy Go-Unlucky has drawn favourable comparisons to studio only era Beatles, Nick Drake and Robert Wyatt & should also appeal to fans of Elliott Smith, Pernice Brothers and the High Llamas amongst others. Once again we are both incredibly proud & excited to be able to release such a great record.

John Cunningham "Happy Go-Unlucky"

"One of the best pure pop records of the year" MAGNET

"Cunningham is to the Beatles what the High Llamas are to the Beach Boys. He hews closely and superbly to the balladic side of "Revolver" era fabs" UNCUT

"A rainy-day album for pop dreamers who are chasing that elusive smile through Strawberry Fields (forever)"

We are aiming for a mid August release & we have some heavy weight press folk on board which should see John finally getting the recognition he deserves. You can read more about John by checking out the below links.

All Music Guide

John Cunningham (unofficial fan site)

The latest issue of The Broken Face has a great interview with Jonathan Scott of the Doleful Lions by Lee Jackson. You can get the magazine from plastic bird or directly from the broken face.

April 8th 2003

Next up (or possibly our 3rd release) is an album by Australian band from Melbourne called Silver Ray. The album is called New Love. They're an all instrumental group, largely just using guitar, piano and drums.There's just 4 tracks on the album ranging from 7 to 17 minutes in length. Silver Ray have been compared to The Dirty Three, Hungry Ghosts,Godspeed YBE! and even early Felt. It's an incredibly beautiful piece of work. I first heard the album just before Christmas and must have played it on an almost daily basis. New Love is their second album and is licensed from Melbourne label Pharmacy Records. The label is run by a guy called Richard Andrew (candidate for the friendliest man in rock) and they have also issued several other fine records by Grand Salvo and Registered Nurse (Richard's own group). Definitely a label to look out for.

We Just got another review of Out Like A Lamb through, this time by George Parsons of Dream Magazine . The review will appear in issue #4 which will be out soon.

"The fourth album by Chicago/North Carolina band Doleful Lions finds them pared down to a trio of singer/songwriter Jonathan Scott, with assistance from David Jackson and Aynsley Pirtle. Aynsley has a lovely pop voice that recalls some of the various female singers of Scarlet's Well, and those of Holiday Flyer's Katie as well. Songs that start out as instantly catchy indie pop to blossom into soaring art pieces of almost baroque melodic invention and harmonic complexity, while never becoming anything less than utterly accessible. Flavors range from, country by way of Morricone, to full-on psychedelia, holy folk rock, and more; but it will all lift you up and warm your world upon the first listening. Harmonies that recall Simon & Garfunkle, Belle & Sebastian, Damon & Naomi, Kings of Convenience, and the Beach Boys. There's something almost too good to be true about how fine this album is, or maybe it’s just a dream come true."

March 12th 2003

The 7" of I Can Take You To The Sun/1723 will be available any day now. Only 111 copies have been made so if you want to get one don't hesitate and get in touch with the Great Pop Supplement right now. You can find their new website at The Great Pop Supplement. They're just waiting for some handmade inserts by Jonathan Scott & then they'll be ready to go.

Out Like A Lamb received another great review in the latest Careless Talk Costs Lives which is available from most good record stores & newsagents across the UK. It has two different covers for this issue, Bonnie Prince Billy or Daniel Johnston, take your pick.

The Doleful Lions will be contributing a brand new track to the Twisted Nerve singles club series, later this year. I think they've still got a few memberships left. Visit Twisted Nerve for more info.

Should be able to confirm the second & third Broken Horse releases soon (honestly) once everything is signed & sealed.Can tell you that they are both excellent though so all being well we'll be a looking at a hat-trick.

Currently on the Broken Horse stereo: (Smog) Supper, Damien Jurado Where Shall You Take Me, Neil Young & Crazy Horse Rust Never Sleeps, Iron & Wine The Creeek Drank The Cradle, John Cunningham Happy Go-Unlucky, Elvis Costello & The Attractions Get Happy, Afghan Whigs 1965, The Stanley Brothers of Virginia Vol 2.

Jan 29th 2003

We are very close to confirming the second & third Broken Horse releases. Don't want to say too much just yet but I can tell you one is from Australia & one is from England, so the first three releases on the label will have come from three different continents. In the meantime here's another review of Out Like A Lamb from the excellent Swedish zine The Broken Face. It's published in English and makes an excellent counterpart to The Ptolemaic Terrascope.

"The Doleful Lions have been quietly hammering away in obscurity, mining all those paisley goldmines of pop perfection-from Phil Spector's classic girl pop records to Alex Chilton and Chris Bell-to create the sort of psych pop epiphanies that people like me live for. Theirs is a vintage sound written and performed with an obvious love for classic harmonic transcendence and old-school production values. Out Like a Lamb (Parasol) marks their forth album to date, and by all counts it's the masterstroke they've been hinting at for years. Twelve lush floating pop songs comprised of acoustic/electric guitars, synth, drums, strings and effects that capture and reflect moments and scenes in time more vividly than my frazzled mind ever could. Where their last record was a sometimes-ramshackle journey through twisted mythical landscapes and failed relationships, Lamb feels almost holy and sacred. These are immaculately produced songs for people that haven't closed their eyes to all the beauty in the world just yet, written by a fellow that knows how to tell a good story and croon a sweet lullaby. Everything here, the harmonies, the arrangements, the vocals (male and female) are perfectly rendered from start to finish. I don't think I'll hear anything as heavenly as "1723" (with a perfect vocal from Aynsley Pirtle) for a very long time, though the heartachingly beautiful "Surfside Motel" comes close. Really, there's no point in singling out any actual tracks; it's a tear-streaked monster from start to finish. Fans of Chris Bell, Phil Spector, Syd Floyd, Who, Love, the Beach Boys, the Millennium, the Clean, Elephant 6 and all the beautiful things in life need this now."

The Broken Face

Jan 8th 2003

The Captain America Show on Virgin Radio has played the Doleful Lions for the second time. They played "I Can Take You to the Sun" last Sunday (Dec 5th) and played "Tanah Lot" before Christmas. It's a fantastic show & can be heard every Sunday night on Virgin Radio (MW 1215/105.8 FM London/South East and via DAB radio & SkyDigital Channel 857.) The show always includes a wide range of Americana from Neil Young & Emmylou Harris to The Flaming Lips, Wilco, My Morning Jacket & Will Oldham Visit the Captain America website here.

Jan 2nd 2003

It's looking very likely that Jonathan Scott from the Doleful Lions will be coming over in March/April for some solo shows in London & Manchester & possibly a couple of other towns. Jonathan is also starting to record the follow up to Out Like A Lamb, "Shaded Lodge & Mausoleum" this week in Chicago. There will be also be a 7" release of I Can Take You To The Sun/1723 on a brand new singles label "The Great Pop Supplement." All singles will be limited to just 111 with hand crafted sleeves & free stickers. The Doleful Lions 45 will be the 1st or 2nd release on the label and should be ready by late January/early Feb.

To reserve a copy/get more info you can email them here The Great Pop Supplement

Dec 22nd 2002

The great reviews keep coming in .There's two more here The Guardian & Americana UK.

Both give Out Like A Lamb 4/5 Stars.

Dec 15th 2002

A couple more excellent reviews of Out Like A Lamb have apppeared on the web.You can read the reveiws on two of the web's superior online zines by clicking on the links below.

Tangents & Losing Today

Dec 11th

We have added a guestbook to the site.

email broken horse